15/11/2010 So it is and so it will be

Hour struck,
Wait, tirelessly
In Joy create.

Will murderers still have enough vigour?!
Furious passion of theirs will calm down
Absorbed in Light of Love.

Hypocrites who speak on the quiet with a grin,
Having sheltered behind the Light
Which were owned in a hurry,
Will have to accept this or leave too.

Love and Minister will execute
Predestination and Will of Father.
SOUL CELEBRATION isn't far of!

The Prophesies of the past have changed
In a co-creativity with Lord -
By knowledge in Love.

Rows of Trinity Couples are growing,
There are plenty of them, without number.
Fear has gone and it was written -
In mind of the present and future generation.

Holy Rose completed its circle,
Having executed the Covenant and
Held all the Light Family tenderly.

With Caurage in Love
Let's accept New for Creation,
Having implemented Father's Will.
Covenant of Future
We'll show here and now
With no reproaches and regret.
Because KNOWLEDGE and LOVE are with us -
At all Times -
The most powerful weapon in the universe!

May all beings live happily in all worlds!


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