09/10/2013 The RESURRECTION of the Man. The ONE RESURRECTION in the Lord

What is the true meaning of the Divine action of Resurrection? What is the historical, Biblical meaning of the Universal Resurrection?

How can one reach the Resurrection?

The Divine meaning of the action of Resurrection is for the Man to consciously obtain himself in the Lord. To obtain means to merge with Him, to hear the Will of the Lord consciously from the Heart in the Holy Spirit. To commit, to do His Will worthy without significance and mercenary intentions, goals.

It is possible to hear the Will of the Lord when there are no selfish motives. It is possible to hear the Will of the Lord only through open spiritual Heart. Through the Heart, that is pure, shining without impurities of guilt, judgments, selfish wishes of gaining the abilities and technologies for the material use of those in the favorable conditions of profit in the social conditions of society


It is very simple to open your Heart to the Lord. It is very simple to think once and declare the intention to open your Heart to the Lord.

Then you need to pass the sincere repentance and the realization of your thoughts, actions, delusions in the spiritual ignorance. You need to accept them all with gratitude and humility. These are the first steps to purify the Soul.

Nowadays there are many darkened Souls in the world, which came to embody. The darkening happened due to the current corrupted society. The dark age is over. The Age of Golden Reality is coming. Everything is given to a Man for the Lord to purify his Heart and Soul.

As the Soul purifies after the repentance, so does the Heart.

The power of the Man is in the open Heart to the Lord in unconditional Love.

It is very simple to become free from petty insults, imposed via different fears and realizations of wishes.

It is very simple to look at yourself from the outside once and see all the pettiness of various temptations and goods. You need to look at yourself sincerely in the eyes with courage and admit all errors, fallacies. Admitting all errors comprises all the imposed and your own.

You need to forgive yourself, forgive ill-willers, parasites, and start committing the righteous actions of the Lord via Your earth Soul's presence.

You need to look at yourself from the outside through the eyes of the Lord and declare the intention to the righteous action. And if you see the distortions and self-interest in thoughts and actions, you need to realize through sincere repentance in the following thoughts and actions.

Righteous actions are the purity of thoughts, sincere wish for prosperity and happiness to all Beings in the Universe, and only then you can commit actions that are necessary at the moment.

You need to give thoughts of your belonging to anything or anybody to the Lord.

You need to leave thoughts of judgment, criticism of yourself and others.

The most sincere repentance is repentance without benefit and wickedness. You can dissolve those in the Light, coming from the beautiful planet and the Holy Spirit of the World Mother. Dissolve those in the Light of the Lord of the surrounding of you, of others.

There is no bad and good, Good and Evil. There is the experience of the embodied Soul and the Plan of the Lord. Every Soul in the Universe is truly individual and extremely beautiful. Its wonderful Divine energies burst and opalize with different colors, which are given from different incarnations in the expanses of the Universe.

The power of the Soul, its abilities and the information of knowledge are surrounded with the Light of the Lord, which is in every breath, in every cell of the Being of the Universe and in your earth presence.

ALL IS ONE LORD. Step aside, leave the place in favor of the others without resistance. If they need fame, honor, material goods this is their experience. Be higher in the Spirit than the made-up pettiness in duty and imaginary goods. Everything, which is necessary is given by the Lord to His devotees.

Accept different situations and actions inside and commit the personal spoken word due to the purity of the thought.

Commit the spoken word and the action in peace, revealing your thoughts to the society in selfless intention.

Every Man on the Earth has the right to reveal his thoughts and knowledge, given by the Lord.


The actions, the visitation of the spoken word, that are committed in the Earth reality due to the purity of thoughts allow the physical body of the embodied Soul be present here and now without early leaving.

The Mans life is saved in the multifold of his structure in all the realities of being for the long and joyful service to the Lord. The service to the Lord in sake of the experience in the moment of the present reality, in the moment of the twinkle of the life presence on the Earth.

Each incarnated Soul has the right to reveal his sincere intention and the agreement of the cessation or continuation of the earth experience.

And the last word is for Him and His Will. We are His body. He embodies His Divine Plan via all of us. It is possible to commit and change the actions only according to His Will. According to the Will of His thought and Heart.

The liberation of the Consciousness from ignorance in thoughts and actions gives the opportunity for the rose petals of the Spiritual Heart to open in the wonderful aroma of the Divine nectar of Love, which flows from the Lords Heart.

It allows the impetuous and sequent Unity with the One Lord due to the wish of the embodied Soul.

The Unity with the Lord is the Resurrection of oneself in Him.

The Resurrection of the Man in the Lord allows to see, hear and observe other realities of Genesis. It allows committing actions due to the purity of Heart and His Will. It makes you feel the Unity in the Lord with everyone in Him.

It allows you to hear the One melody of His Heart and Soul.

It allows to hear, to see the melody of your own Soul, the melody of other Souls in the vast expanses of the Universe. It makes you the instrument of the Lord in the next evolution on the Earth, as well as on other planets.

The lack of health, various illnesses of body is the lack of the approach with the Lord of the Man, who has Soul.

The illnesses in the body are the violation of the Divine Laws.

The repentance without any benefit, the attitude with pure thoughts from the Heart in the Consciousness to the Lord will lead to the instant healing from diseases, to healing of the body in the earth reality.

The sacrifice without benefits in the name of the Lord and the welfare of all living beings on the Earth leads to the resurrection. It leads to the resurrection of the LORD, which is initially present in each person.

It leads you to your own resurrection as the One Lord, if your earth presence is necessary for the next evolution, for the fulfillment of His plan. Then the Lord resurrects the physical body and Consciousness of the Man by Himself.

The Heart liberated from the impurities of offenses and wickedness leads to the liberation of delusions in the Consciousness without technology.

Pure shining Heart will give you the possibility to see and to feel the craftiness, distortive actions in the aim of benefit of other people.

Pure Heart will manifest the abilities and knowledge of Soul in the Earth reality for the service to the Lord and the prosperity of Human life on the Earth. For the prosperity and illumination of the Earth space in the Golden Age for centuries.

The Universal resurrection is the resurrection of the Man in the Lord, the Unity with the Lord of each embodied Soul. The conscious Unity through the open Heart for Him, the bond of open Heart with Consciousness.

The complete Unity the resurrection in the Lord of the groups of people will consistently in the geometrical progression lead to the Universal resurrection of the Mankind. Herein lies the Biblical Divine Meaning of the Universal resurrection.

The Man is no longer a HUMAN, he is zombified by the system, he lives without a Heart. Living deads. This is what Jesus was talking about - the resurrection of Heart, the resurrection in the Lord, the revival of the connection with the Holy Spirit, not the resurrection of people, who are gone from life.

For those nonhumans without Soul the finding of the Soul and their attachment to the process of the Universal resurrection of oneself in the Lord are possible only through the manifestation of voice of Consciousness, through repentance, forgiveness, opening the Heart and long life in the service to the Lord and the building of the Golden Age on the Earth.

From the Woman Soul I sincerely wish you the Unity with the Lord, long and joyful life on the Earth and creation without benefit. I wish the resurrection in the Lord to every Being in sake of fulfillment of His Masterplan -"MAY ALL THE BEING IN ALL THE WORLDS BE HAPPY!".


with Love of the Lord

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