22/01/2013 The Masculine and Feminine Aspects in the new era of the World Mother

In connection with the received energies of the Holy Spirit of the World Mother there happened the aggravation in the energies and unity of the Two Divine Aspects - Masculine and Feminine. At the end of December the Fire energies of the World Mother to transform aggression and distortions at all levels and structures of world reality were received. Their conscious Coming due to the Will of God caused the abnormal phenomena in the atmosphere and nature. Everything happens according to His Will.

The Great Woman Helena Roerich wrote that with the advent of the World Mother at the present time there would be the aggravation between the Two Divine Aspects on the Earth, in Unions, in people.

The World Mother speaks of the disagreement and opposition at the present time between the Masculine and Feminine Aspects:

The Embodiments of God`s Love, accept the priceless gift of God the Supreme and Only Aspect in the Interrelation. The Holy Spirit of the World Mother is the manifestation of true Divine Unity of the Masculine and Feminine Aspects. All secular distortions in the multifold incomprehensibility of God are being unleashed on the Earth at the moment, the stigmas are shown and deeply hidden scars of old longsuffering wounds arise.

Be vigilant and do not waste the Force of Love on resistance and struggle with the Feminine Energies. Accept in Love and with Love of God the whole Unity of two Aspects.. Look at yourself from the outside. Whom are you fighting against? His Love! Show mercy and compassion to one another. Those, who find it hard to reveal the Feminine Aspect, need to know that the time has come and everything will be solved in the safest manner. Those, who are tired the attacks of old masculine energies, do not resist, allow them to take the place inside you without charging, having forgiven all the actions with Love. Or step aside and become a quiet observer. This way, you will allow your partner manages all the obstacles and trials all by himself and find true courage, that encompasses the Masculine and Feminine Aspects. This is the manifestation of internal Personal Dignity the acceptance of everything and everyone unconditionally.

Letting everything happen, you save your integrity and wholeness, you allow the free flow of God`s Love through your Earth presence. Do not persevere in the explanation of any actions or unpleasant situations, do not share knowledge if the aggression and pain close the eyes now.

Let you partners dark side fully reveal in the whole reality. Your action is serenity and peace in God. This in the only way the revealed dark side and distortions can pass personal transformation and awakening.

Let everything be, become smaller, stupid, and ugly in humility of God. You already know that for Him you are always accepted and loved unconditionally. And in the higher spheres your souls love overwhelmingly, accept one another in their entirety, just the way they are, and have already passed the step of the Unity with each other. Only here in dense Earth layers there is a separation and misunderstanding of the ongoing situations and each other. Become smaller in all the relationships and in the Earth reality, because you already know who each of you really is. Each of you is immense and wonderful, knowing and wise Divine creature, but each and every one has his term to reveal himself. It is the same as the garden each tree and flower blooms in its term. There are no smaller, there are no valued. Are there main organs in the human body? All is one and united. No one could ever do anything without complementarities of one another. Only ostents of Love and saving it unconditionally in acceptance ad actions is the only devoted companion as in the Universe, so on the Earth.

Do not hurt anyone and do not let anyone hurt you with love of God.

Take all that happens from the position of the Supreme Appreciation and with a smile, that comes from the Heart. Look at yourself and the others with humor and you will feel the grandness of the Divine Project, intended by you in heaven.

The most important thing in your being is the permanent presence God. Let Him smile through you. Let Him act in the most difficult situations. Let Him love through you. Let Him fully reveal Himself in your Earths presence and then all the blocks and obstacles, that at the first sight seem insurmountable, will dissolve in His LOVE and His ACTIONS.

No matter how difficult and hard it is, show joy and acceptance of all forms of resistance, and then there will happen the Divine Action and the miracle of the accomplishment of the Divine Unity and the acceptance of the Two Aspects on the Earth.


With Love of God

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