15/07/2013 Knowledge about Action of Love Crystal

Lord - the Avatar of Avatars Sathya Sai Baba has provided creation of Love Crystal (LC) in every human soul for harmonious Transition into Golden Age. For balance of Male and Female Nature and other creative Actions in multifaceted structure of a person.

Spirit of Lord is mediator in LC between Male and Female Nature. It has been observed for six years. Action of LC can be seen on photoshots.

From book "...About Love":

...In January 2005 at night I woke up feeling Love of God, in front of me I saw glowing live matrix - Crystal of tender orange-peach color.

The Matrix consisted of two elements: long rectangular crystall which at base was encircled with a ring, - in other words Lingam or Male in Female.

Inside that structure little particles moved and it rotated - unusually beautiful and surprising at first look. I watched wide-eyed not suggesting and realising what kind of a miracle was that and what will be next. Then I heard: "Take into Soul."

All that structure has been given to humanity for harmonisation of Male and Female Beginings and called Love Crystal.

Well I took it but what was next! In short time I came through so many trials, Thank God He granted me with strong psychic. And also Faith and Love to Him helped me to overcome everything. Something moved inside, at times wallowed, feelings were more than uncomfortable, and there were no one on Earth to ask about.

But then everything fell into place, understanding came and expression in photos. Crystal had been shown earlier, but I saw it only on October 10, 2008, when I was able to buy a digital camera.

That was also surprising, like on photos from Arkaim on february 7, 2008, when I saw two Suns in sky.

Crystal of Love has fully activated in me, in soul after lost fragments, or in other words, parts of soul were opened. Also, I can say this: in every soul, as well as in mind, all elements or fragments of all people are present.

In my case, activation of all fragments was going through Unconditional Love and acceptance of different situations, obstacles, relationships. In addition Creator showed me incarnations which I had to work out. As reincarnations were known by many and recorded in the information field, though I didn't know about these reincarnations, even didn't guess about it, except for some, I had been awoken and shown it.

Sometimes I was confounded, not understanding, then again I got shown signs: if I had some doubts, I was shown again signs through other people or once again pictures from the past.

What for all this was, certainly not to increase ego, but for working it out, bring to norm all situations and relationships, thus relieve Beloved planet from load of heritage of past, from negative to more safe Ascension of Gaia, to rescue as many people as possible and more.

In principle that is the matter of Unity - to display in Family of Light everyone - to themselves, that is, to open within oneself all fragments of immense soul in all dimensions or realities, here and now through Unconditional Love, acceptance and forgiving of all.

Thus potential of Love and Light increases individually and collectively, Unity takes place - this is the meaning and mystery of creativity. Can you imagine what kind of Divine Power for co-creation it is!

When activated the Crystal works like that: rotating of all chakras happens, differently, depending on worked out inner complexes, different internal clamps, fears from the past, resistance to a new. Also - rotating of Male and Female energies happen, their merging, play.

When there are to many negative in space, Crystal rotates slowly, increasingly, I can feel it.

As for me, in the first place I have rotating in heart chakra, as my way is through Love. Then you have rotating of all the rest: either together or by order, depending on spiritual state and many other obstacles, which you can research individually, - that is more interesting, that is begining of creation.

You can research by what cause - inner or outer - it happens like that. Centers open, physical feelings - current or crawl, going from feets to finger tips, and all over the body.

At first it was very strange, but then I got used to it. This is the enter to next, Higher level. You hardly feel your body, everything is moving, but coming back to low energies is uncomfortable. In such state you live, work - and that became norm.

It wasn't norm for me, when at certain occasions you had to come down into this reality. It is important to learn to live on Earth and act in few realities simultaneously, then you get invulnerability of your terrestrial body.

As in heaven, so on earth. Through my activated Crystal, Love Crystal was activated on the bank of river Dnestr. And further, multiple times it was given to all people and places that God showed me.

Starting from 2007, Its activation happened gradually in few steps in Egypt. Crystal of Love - is harmoniously with Love joined Male and Female Divine energies, it is Unconditional Love. Besides, near your spiritual Partner and Creator are present.

Even if you don't know your Spiritual Parner yet, S/He is still near. Crystal helps to transform negative, that is still present on Planet. It is conductor of Divine energy of Love, helping to open Hearts and Truth of new reality.

LC transforms negative information of nuclear waste and carries many positive things for harmonisation and rescuing of Earth.

Certainly it's alive as Planet and Universe, you can talk to It.

Everyone can make intention for Its activation himself/herself during meditation on Love to God.

If you have your LC activated and suddenly feel malaise (ailment), you can make intention - asking It to act in moment.

It's important to accept everything without fear, we are all very different, and everyone has his/her own abilities. No need go to doctor, let's learn to listen and feel yourself in Whole.»

LC has been distributed to every soul of human living on Earth, including little children. They can feel Its divine action.

Now acivation of LC is going more easily, the Path has been built. You won't have any dificulties.

Action of LC allows to find cause of illness, come to realization and forgiveness, join in Love with God. Then the healing takes place.

I went through that realization in all years of present embodiment. When I was asked in Saint-Petersburg which technology I used, I was embarassed and didn't immediately understood the question. I was asked repeatedly. I answered completely bewildered (what do you mean by technology, there is only open Heart - Love) - through Love of God.

After five years, having known Lord Sai, I read same His answer on the same question.

I was glad to this knowledge. Therefore I lived through privations and sufferings in my earth existanse in awareness and accepting of God Will.

LC - is but a living Being, divine. You shouldn't drive it away as ghost. Listen to yourself, ask God, your soul in meditation. Some people feel LC in different parts of their bodies, including ovary (from people stories) from left or from right. It shows itself where problems have place, LC have healing effect, it helps to realize cause of illness.

Some have it where physical heart is, I felt it in middle of chest. I listened to the moving and also thought it was ghost. I visited two mediums and they couldn't recognize, they also thought it was ghost. Then in meditation I understood it was LC. LC shows itself differently - depending on acquired spiritual experience and inner problems.

Via LC revelation comes, awakening from dream. Reunion with Holy Spirit.

Action of LC is multifaceted, it affects all aspects of interaction of everyone in world in fulness of structure of man in all realities.

Further in future next divine universal transformation of LC happens.

Activated LC helps:

- transformation of wrong statesments, fears on cell level in mind and soul

- purening of all subtle bodies, chakras

- physical body (from various ailments, including purening of blood, vessels etc.)

- transformation of connections for withdrawal of energy

- step by step rejuvenation of body

- changing of mind of man to awareness of more continious life in joy and creation with God with all divine changes

- harmonious connection of male and female energies

- consistent harmonization of all New energies that went on Earth

All Female energies that God held through my earth being I consciously activated in One LC. These are emerald and lilac energies of World Mother, Energies of Knowledge of New cosmic Woman that was created on subtle plane by Lord Sai in New Join of Man and Woman.

- consistent harmonious interaction of man and woman in New Join happens

- opening of spiritual Heart

- interaction of Heart and consciousness

- realising of cause of illness and unjustful situations

- forgiving oneself and others in relation in past, present and future

Thus divine norm - unconditional Love comes in past incarnations without entering them.

I was asked for help. While entering into incarnations during seminar, they got energy shock and couldn't go out by themselves.

- joining of chakras into one Heart, if such is present in objectives of Soul

- harmonious transition to prana eating, also if such is present in objectives of Soul

- divine combining of material and spiritual levels in a person in moment of now, as far as he/she is ready without bad consequenses

- harmonious reunion with spiritual and earth partner by readiness of oneself

- and many more divine changes that carry release on Way to God

Also step by step Joining in One Heart of God through LC happens for long happy life in His unconditional Love. Joining for rebirth of creative life of everyone in Golden Age.

By virtue of activated LC revival of Rose of Magdalen, Unity in unconditional Love happened.

Rose of Magdalen, Rose of Woman of World - is a sign of new Join of Male and Female Divine Nature and between Them is One God.

This is New Join of spiritual pairs, joining of which has gone from subtle heaven plane to Earth.

Petals in Rose are multifaceted and multidimensional divine Action of LC.

In basement of Rose - is Soul of Female Nature of turquoise - green color. Few times Soul of Female Nature had sun color. But for now restraining forces are resisting for further evolution.

Only after full activation of LC you can obtain Rose in your soul, perform Will of God and become His truly devotee, perform objectives of your soul.

Activated LC allows Man to find energy equality with Woman. Thus Man gains Power of Female energy of Love within.

Man and Woman become Partners in Join, not in marriage. Their relationship looses its consumerism. It consistently becomes more harmonious and divine joyful in Serving.

And there are many more information about LC and Rose of World. I hope this is enough for now for awareness of Knowledge.

And more: LC can't be fully activated at a moment. This is only begining of Action and for everyone process is going individually, including level of moral development and past gainings.

People offering activation for money are cunning of ignorance. Everyone has to answer to God himself/herself.

You can watch how LC looks like in photogallery of the site. But that is its spherical part only. Colors of spheres are also different for everyone, from crimson - red to pink - lilac. This is gradual Process.

This is only small part from divine attribute - Mother of World, and not only a dodecahedron. You can see it fully only on subtle plane. It spreads all levels till the Highest that couldn't be seen even by the most learned healers and mediums.

This is divine process that goes for revival and joining of subtle plane with earth one.

For more painless adaptation to New Female energies and performing of Creator's Will for all beings.

This is Beginning to Union. Process that was approved by all Higher Beings embodied on Earth and souls of humanity. The main Director and Creator of Plan is Avatar of avatars Sathya Sai Baba.

Let all beings live happily in all the worlds!

With Love of God Prema Shakti - Eonnaya

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