21/07/2012 The Divine Plan of the Creator

Hello, Embodiments of Love!

To tell the truth, I didn't want to write about it. All messages and Actions - are Deeds of Creator, Spirit through me. If I didn't perform tasks of the Soul then immediately I felt pain in Heart and various outer promptings. And now again, feeling easy pain in Heart, I lighted with a Light of Love of the Creator and asked what does He want to bring to mind. I heard that some "secrets" of Co-creation can be revealed. However, some of Knowledge is not a secret for some expressed enlightened people, which are yet few on Earth. For many General Plan is closed for the reason of ascension of spiritual development of every individual on Earth. I knew General Plan, but didn't knew in detail about events and Actions, which I had to go through.

To perform any mission a Great Soul went through many incarnations so that it can in simple language carry Knowledge to the mind of humanity.

Jesus was concepted another way. Divine sphere entered Its Mother and conception happened. In that way Beloved Avatar Sathya Sai Baba was concepted. His Consciousness stayed clear, without going through dimensions. He gave Vedas and divine spiritual sayings about destiny of man and Love to the mind of humanity, warmth and shelter to many souls, directed to true Path of development. He made so much for humanity and universe that human mind couldn't understand and cover divine scale of His actions!

Disciples of Christ didn't take Knowledge and distorted His Teaching. Simply because their mind was such, unable to carry truth. Nobody was guilty, that was because of their perception. Thus to make Knowledge heard Great souls reembodied multiply and from the position of human consciousness Knowledge was partly spreaded.

Then after going through own blessed lessons, spiritual body of Christ was reconstructed so that He could perform his Mission. The same way it happened in me, only conception was habitual, but during pregnancy divine monad entered which was understood then as lighting into body. During last years after going through lessons for continuing of Mission I was reconstructed and sometimes it wasn't easy but then I felt more easy and the Path continued and continues.

No one is perfect in thick matter of threedimensional world. Even embodied Gods told that in physical form in thick matter you can't keep ideal and that They committed mistakes by showing pity in certain cases. To say truth They corrected their mistakes.

To display divinity in present time I had to go through lower dimensions accept everyone there through unconditional Love, reveal Knowledge during transformation of those creatures. I had to go through it and accepted all inhabitants of lower words through my environment.

"How can I fear darkness if I see such clear light?ЕOf course I understand those who fear, because I have also been standing where I could only see the evil.

This is why now I feel love for all of that. Darkness is not a force contrary to the light, it is absence of light. You cannot invade the light with darkness, that is not how the principle of light works. Fear, drama, injustice, hate and sadness only exist in states of darkness, because you canТt see the global context in which your life develops, and the only way to see from the light when you are there is through faith. Once you have increased your vibration and frequency (state of consciousness) you will be able to see towards darkness and understand what you have lived." - sayings of Sathya Sai Baba from a message.

Constantly being in high vibrations, having more frequency then Planet itself, in most critical situations, earlier I asked for help to some healers and mediums. Some rejected immediately, some tried to help but that didn't work. In most cases they saw their reflection in my high vibrations. Talking to them I saw Light flowing from eyes. I saw an influense of Light of Love of God that my presence made on environment. I saw a glowing going from body and didn't understand why should I go through that hard tests. But then I remembered as earlier I was told that "I'm too light, good etc." I told God that I accept everything anyway. But on every level of ascending when tasks became hard and bigger I had again to go through serious tests.

From 2004 my personal karma was passed and Creator Sathya Sai Baba lead me to perform next universe Tasks.

Gradually I was opened Path and Knowledge which I couldn't tell to people on that moment. They couldn't be revealed for people could go through their blessed lessons. This caused aggression in judgements on me. Only during a time part of information was revealed the other I still can't reveal. All is by His Will!

At present time my personality is shown including all lower dimensions and all attributes and symbols are given from the forth dimension - so called false light, which enclosed almost all people.

Creator has made titanic work through my spiritual bodies and consciousness for transformation of false light on Planet. About this I partly wrote in message and exposed photocopies - 3/05/2012. Who represents false light is well written by George Kavassilas in his lections. His Knowledge is true I'll repeat. Only Plan changed and he told about this in the end of 2011. He told "don't listen George, Mother Earth has decided to go another Way, listen to your Soul and Heart".

Also having high frequent vibrations I took consciously energies of Planet of Mother of the World. That you could see on shots. About some divine Processes I wrote in book "...About Love" and in messages.

Today everyone of us regardless of own spiritual level and acquired values passes their test, the finish point for one is establishment of divine man, construction of Golden Era.

Not all Souls took that variant. Some hasn't performed their intended tasks and changed their action.

Their decision is undeniable and can't be judged. Thus all judgements automatically eliminates. Yes, sometimes surprise occurs but then realization comes. The script by its content is wonderful and multifaceted. Further Actions are opened gradually to every being, and that is already being known.

Really, creation of New Creator and New Universe is happening. Really, the Planet in future will have lilac color. This is also shown on photoshots.

Now before going to bed I read the Teaching about salvation and harmonious development, I get involved in Knowledge and read a lot till dusk. Then I close eyes and see Light of Teaching embracing and warming with Light of Love thoroughly. So I get sleep in Light. Or I have no sleep, new Revealations comes from Creator. This is my own path and every man goes through their experience. All ways lead to God anyway, depending on what tasks of soul lies in development of a man today.

From evening 16 July till 17 July for about a day new creativity happened. Before that, looking through shots from flashcard I came upon shots which were not exist. I screamed with surprise. Immediately I got impulses about coming Creativity. Inside myself I felt high vibrations and the beginning came. Actions were such: transformation of imposed programs by UFO into consciousness of Earth and humanity. I couldn't sleep all night. After sleepless night I thought that even in my birthday I can't buy sweets. I appealed and felt Love. Immediately I realize that such creativity is a present of God. I slept for a while and was able go out to buy food and sweets. And than Wonders came and in the evening I obviously saw His Presents in the sky.

Every such transformation is followed by pain in soul and tears, despite plenty of Love of God. Only few people could understand that. For example, one of my fellow in one of incarnations was a saint and when she came to a church where she stayed in the past she knew that she came every time after a plenty of negative to purify on three months. She went away and didn't speak to people. Her purifying was followed by tears, she constantly cried, saved historical facts point to that.

At that moments undoubtfully I apply Knowledge and technologies of Creator, but inspite of isolation tears drops anyway and hard pain felt inside. It's not a pity, simply in that way purification happen. But then easiness came and even more acceptance of everything and immense pervading Love of God.

Part of Process I expose on photoshots.

Ukraine, 17/07/2012




Here you can see how programs - information enters my manifested spiritual bodies (eyes) from two dimensions. This band was around the house all around the sky and gradually entered and transformed through me. Surprisingly! There were another Wonders but I'll write about it further or in next book. And on next day Beauty and Grace of God was felt more multifacetedly in everything. One more interesting fact - before every Action Rainbow appeared in the sky, so it was 16 July.

Many times I wanted to close site, I don't need it, that would be more easy. At last time having not withstand the pressure I decided to close it. I thought that I could distribute next messages to permanent visitors. And I have books published. But by the moment I wanted close site internet shutdown. After talking again I realize next Actions and thus site continues for those who ready for listening and opening Heart.

Creator directs me very strictly, all first Actions go consciously through me and all existing distortions on Earth also are being transformed trough my consciousness and manifested Soul. This is evident on shots. I know partly what will follow next.

I know that in everyone there is Great One thus I accept own blessed Lessons.

There are now bad people. All came here to get their experience and development. Be it a light or dark soul all acquire their development, in every man there is - He. Most surprising is that when a person becomes empty jar, divine energy of Love of God fills empty jar even if it is not totally empty It creates wonders: heals, protects, gives and many, many more beautiful divine Actions happen trough a Child of God that gifted his destiny to Him.

Move on!

With Love and gratitude to everything and all His Creations.

Let all beings live happily in all the Worlds!


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