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This is beauty and wisdom of all divine beings, meditation on a wonder and actions, youth, perfection of Actions and features, Love of God that created It. Enlightment till infinity, perfection, surprise, joy, unconditional happiness from beautiful creation. This is selfressuraction in that divine creative aspect that we see at present. Pure instrument, like glowing drop of spring water, One Creator.

Eternity - is a darkness and cold, depression and disappointment, age and timeless living from life, grumbling and discontent, little flat in numerous bodies - embodiments and eternal continious fears and worrying about daily bread.

Eternity exists as we see it and imagine it from different points and directions and spectrum. It is so what we imagine it and think about it.

Two sides or alternaltely: either we see and imagine from the mind and imposed stamps, or perceive temporary creation.

Trinity Alliance suggests to look at Eternity from the position of creator, enter the light of Eternity of Love from the point of soul with consciousness. To lit up reality with light, give impulse and spread consciousness with light of Eternity till infinity. Embrace all living with eternal soul, spirit and consciousness and become creator. Become creator - is awareness of pure spring water of Love and wisdom of Great One in own physical body here and now. Embracing open spaces of Being eternally and lighting the way with Light of Soul and Light of Eternal Creator all frivolous claims and pain, all fears and worryings get dissolved. You feel confidence, dignity, your own greatness and personally of every man. Look at Eternity with eyes of Creator and see indestructible healthy young beautiful eternal body. Eternity - is Great One, everyone is created on His image and likeness.

Enter the Eternity, which is near physical body. Enter Its Flow and feel silence and seeming emptiness. Lead Stream of Eternity on events and world, resolve safely unfulfilled dreams and dissolve sorrow. Light of God that is in everyone goes to Eternity and development till infinity. Accept counter Flow of Eternity that always going to You.

Near you is Eternal Partner and joint co-creation in Eternity of Being till endless and infinite Love in multidimensionality and with interest at present moment. Triple Eternal purity and beauty of feelings and emotions in making of new Planets, Galaxies and Universes.

Eternal intention to eternal Knowledge of Eternity to everyone and from now our reality becomes beautiful in plenty and birth of Eternity here and now on Planet. Which, with every moment in Triple Union and coming Energies of Love Light of Great Creator, becomes more beautiful, witful, joyful of releasing from ties and shackles of old energies. And together with It all living embodiments of Love asquire eternal rejuvenation and ressuraction. Earth is awaiting for birth of creators in Eternity till infinity. By this wonderly multifaceted process many womens are seized now and till infinity in Eternity. Future birth of creators with pure mind without consequences of imposed distorted priorities will take place. The planet knows about it and now everything is going to meet properly these new wonders.

Eternal rustle of pure transparent waters embrace and penetrate the Planet in Eternity.

Eternal breath of wind, pure air, eternal stillness of unique beauty of deserts, mountains, forests, meadows fills the space of Earth.

Eternal contemplation and hope in wisdom of development and perfection in making wonders.

Eternal stillness and beauty of Great soul of the Planet in One with everything in universe.

And all this for us on Earth to be creators in making Eternity.

With Love of Eternity.


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