15/04/2012 Happy day of Love, welfare of the planet and bloom of Christ consciousness!


Happy holidays embodiments of Love!

Two thousand years on the planet annually came the event of Christ crucify and resurrection. Each year, repeating the ritual, the system again and again unfolded past events in the present, forcing fear and pain in the minds of mankind. And so once again, removing the potential of every human on the planet. The planet was moaning in pain, continuing to take its vows. She was moaning of the fact that each year they abused her beloved Twin Flame, and she could not help it. She had only to Love and suffer, taking most of the victims upon Herself. But now the Postulate of abolition of self-sacrifice of Earth is accepted.

Jesus was against this action and this devised ritual unnatural to His plan and advent, His love and knowledge, which he left to mankind. Crucifying Him, we are creating a situation in which we have no creation, each year we have the same situation, bringing not joy and Love in Creation, but fear and destruction.

Fifteen years ago, I wrote a similar article in a local newspaper that He was once crucified, and He once took on the sins of mankind. There were people who supported and that who were indignant. Many people liked the illusion of removing sins, just like that, not realizing their truth.

Having arrived in 2007 in Jerusalem, to the surprise of a tour guide, our group was sent in opposite way. This was the first time, the Lord cut off the road, and I was very glad to this course of events. Let there be no more of victims and crucifixes in the minds and life on the Planet!

Each year, in those days again I felt His pain in the soul and Heart. Physically, these days for me were repetitive torture. Do we need this pain to mankind? Lord - is Love and sacrifice and suffering are unnatural to Him, and every one of us is created in His image and Likeness.

So Congratulation from the Creator manifested: from now the crucifixion of Christ is no longer exist, now to - "CHRIST IS RISEN!" - the answer is: "RISEN INDEED ONCE AND FOREVER IN THE MIND AND IN EVERY HEART OF MANKIND!" By the Will of the Creator in the past, present and future in all dimensions, realities on all planes of Being at the Creator's thought speed SO BE IT, AND SO IT WILL BE!

It also allows the subsequent disclosure and rebirth of a man - the creator in every proceeding in the Golden Age.

My congratulations with Happy Love day, Welfare of the Planet and bloom of Christ consciousness in every human!

This Action was consolidated by the Power of the Name of Female Beginning in the universe - EONAYYA.

Then Light of Knowledge and Power of Love of the Name entered the center of Earth, in all worlds, all life forms, at all levels of Being with the speed of thought of the Creator at all times. Thus, overall activation occurred of Light of Female Name of Love Eonayya - Name of the Trinity.

And Light poured, and Hearts and beautiful flowers in a Rainbow of Love in every Universe bloomed. And Golden Towns were created - multiple of them till infinity. So be it, and so it will be!

Let all beings live happily in all the worlds!

With Love in Eternal Creation.


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