29/03/2012 The postulate of elimination, abolition of Earth sacrifice in the universe


Welcome Embodiments of Love!

Here came a Great Event for the Beloved Planet!

For so long Earth sacrificed itself by agreeing to an experiment in the evolution of all systems. But now, She says, "... that She is tired and had enough, that She helped us for a very long time. She really wants to get rid of own ego - offering of sacrifices."

Some write in channellings that It is dirty etc., that it is a time to Her come to Light. Actually it is different, these are invented distortions!

As Her physical conductor, I can say that this information is injected into the consciousness. Again it is invented for further use in sacrifice. Earth has always been the Light and always been generous in Gifts, It was perfect in all Its manifestations.

But today there is not much time and it is DECIDED to release, completely exclude sacrifice. The planet is going to Ascension and all the inhabitants also are going along with Her. This includes the universe in which evolution of everything and everyone is going on and will be more.

Approved: on all planes of Being in all dimensions, realities in the past, present and future, sacrifice of Planet Earth is completely eliminated, in the diversity of the universe at the Creator's thought speed for joy and happiness personally for the Planet and all that walk with Her into the Golden Age, for a harmonious Transition. So be it, and so it will be!!!

The Earth has moved to a New harmonious, united by Love of God, relationships with the Sun and other Planets and objects in the universe with the speed of thought of the Creator at all Times on all planes of Being. So be it, and so it will be!

Normalizing personal sacrifice, a long time I could not understand why Female Energies are unacceptable, why is such fear. Now the situation has completely changed.

In the consciousness of the Earth, in the collective consciousness, the consciousness of the Women's Basis we also set numerical series, thus approving CREATOR'S NORM and absence of self-sacrifice. So be it, and so it will be! Especially - this is for people who courageously took New Female Energies.

Many people of Light have been cleverly converted through various channellings to other lower levels. But there is still time to review personal evolution.

Maybe there is no need to go again at a lower level of consciousness! That You have already passed. A cake is not so sweet that is not anointed with honey, even though it can be seen from afar, as if it is honey. You aren't allowed to taste it, but only to be lured. Thus fall in a trap, not having tasted true. Embodiments of Love, you should look for true, where and with whom and for what you are going!

Is it the choice of your soul?

Why connect with reptiles, dragons and other wildlife and different worlds, proposed in channellings? We already accept and love every one! Only man is capable to become creator! In previous report a wording of release of all contracts was given.

The planet allowed everything to be for too long. It helped Everyone and everything without reserve, but now is the time to help Her with the Ascension. In what way? Realize that the Planet - is a Human with all the qualities and desires, that all galaxies, stars, planets also have their own values and that is one of Your bodies, realize that the world and God - is Love, not violence. After realizing you can feel own deep belonging and involvement in everything in the universe. And Your attitude will change, goals and desires will change, the world around You will change. It will become Golden. Tuning in consciousness to the Love and Acceptance will change goals and desires, possibilities and environment, etc.

Further, people who have given themselves in hands of system, and are still continuing to use its services for private gain, also feel a more feedback from it. This will occur as follows: as soon as someone wants to use someone else under any pretext and manipulation there is an instant feedback: manipulative one will take the role of a victim. This applies to aggression sent in any form. That will help to realize that any form of aggression and manipulation is a destruction and eliminates the creation and co-creation in Love.

The Transition occurs in the name of Joy, Happiness, Prosperity, Love, Co-creation, Creation!

From now on the Transition occurs due to disclosure and awareness of the Heart. It is all God's Will that is within each of us! During an Ascension every adult, a child becomes a creator, opens possibilities and qualities within oneself.

Thank you All for participating in evolutionary experiment, for courage, and all actions in all times. We allow all to pass their blessed classes and to choose - to open own, personal Path of development here in the follow-up Action.

Let all Beings live happily in all the worlds!

With Love in Eternity


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