23/01/2012 The main postulate - the basis of the Divine Laws action


Hello Embodiments of Love!

In the recent past in the Higher Realms a book binding with gold was presented with the Divine Postulates, which then gradually will be made public for the performance and Action. Postulates that described earlier are already operating in different spheres of activity on the Planet for joy and Love, for further gaining of the Golden Age in the Mind and Heart on Planet in all worlds.

Divine Postulate of suppress and protect against any form of manipulation of the system in past, present and future at all levels of Being, realities, in entirety of multidimensionality of all manifested and unmanifested, both in Heaven and on Earth, has a significant role for the harmonious implementation of all the Postulates and is the Main and Principal in Action in present by the Will of the Creator and the speed of thought of the Creator. So be it and so it will be.

Until now, there are various forms of transfer of karma actions by system on other beings. Cleverly devised tricks of the system through individuals allow to carry out misdeeds with impunity throughout the multi-dimensional Being.

Aggression, sent by someone to someone else, in any form (envy, anger, rivalry, rage, resentment, jealousy, etc.) loses its existence. One who sends aggression in any form, loses personal potential of energy. This will be noticeable.

People that do not have own strength, often by causing aggression, take the potential energy of the other. An attacker using a weak sides, got the energy, the other felt the weakness and internal discomfort. Many do this consciously. The best method of defense - is an attack - ceased to exist and acts in the reverse order.This was applied to all, not only in words but also in thought-out mental images and just in the mind.

Today, any form of aggression and manipulation in different forms, goes to increasing Potential in its pure form for a person who was the object.

In the case where aggression is caused artificially, with the intent, the same principle works: one who caused by a variety of reasons, loses personal potential. Lost potential energy goes to another individual, depending on one personal qualities. In any case, energy returns to the Creator for transfering to others who carry the divine Transformations in the universe.

Old, imposed and invented laws for selfish ends lose their power and existence in all spheres of human life and activity, including the spiritual dimension of human development and society at all levels of Being, dimensions, realities in the past, present and future.

Acts of the system, that provided all types of leverage, thus, are being transformed and cease to have effect, moving to a new stage of development in Service.

This will finally let the Law on normalization of sacrifice come into Effect, which was passed by March 21, 2007 related to the Operation of the Law Prohibition of death.

Sacrifice exists in different forms. In case of violence, pressure or manipulation to the weakness of being with the highest degree of charity aspect, there will be a feedback to the manipulator. He/She loses own power potential, which was acquired during his/her existence.

By showing pure compassion and sacrifice to others, sincerely with Love in the name of salvation, one acquires greater Potential of Love. In this case, a person who sacrifices consciously receives joy in own development, rather than handicap of own existence.

This postulate of the Divine Will let a person, being for a long time in the transformation of aggression in space on different levels and in solitude, to proceed to the next divine task of their soul to a fulfillment of the Great Creator's Project.

It will let you find Joy in the fullness of abundance of matter and Spirit in the development of present, including all the acquired qualities in the past.

It will let you distinguish between truth and those who stand and operates through certain individuals, who presents theirself, using all the levers in the form of beautiful and seemingly wise phrases in any Teaching.

It will let you reveal its true essence, both for oneself and for others who believe in its words, not yet learned to discern.

It will let you think about yourself in full, excluding all forms of aggression, which will lead to a deep change of Consciousness and disclosure of your Heart.

It will let you show true sincerity in Service, excepting the principle a favor for a favor that used the case of an imposed duty, and thus dragging the merits of another for theirself and own selfish purposes. There will be a profound awareness of a sincere effect to others, as in spiritual sense, and materially.

It will let you show the truth of disclosure of Higher Self without an imposed opinion by others to be closer to an Enlightened Man and clinging to Him during the Transition.

It will allow you transfer and use Knowledge of God only for creating and construction of the Golden Age, but not for selfish purposes in different ways.

That person who transmits Knowledge will completely change their mind about The more seminars and trainings, the greater the potential. Removal of energy during training will stop.

The Law of balance has been restored, where both sides have creative, increased potential of Love and Knowledge in the manifestation on Earth here and now.

It will allow you feel Unity of the manifold of all forms that exist on Earth in all worlds and all forms of creation and greater responsibility for personal actions and thoughts. Show mercy, distinction not only to yourself but to other inhabitants of the Planet.

This Postulate will allow many get out of a prolonged state of sleep, to feel the Dignity and step on Path of the Creator and Co-creation in Joy and Love, freed from the burden of the past.

The postulates and the Decision was taken at the Higher Galactic Council with the participation of All structure and system Members, based on the establishment of God's Parity, in all the worlds of the manifested and unmanifested in universe for the different evolution of all parties.

It was accepted by a reason, existing in the memory cells of the Soul, Mind, including the collective Consciousness and the information field of Earth and all universe, similar to the actions described above. Many people have this memory from childhood and are guided by the old imposed knowledge of manipulation and laws, which are also, however, have provided a greater or lesser degree of development of individuals in the past in the Whole variety of existing life forms in all worlds.

Any illegal acts, including aggression and manipulation are suppressed and showed in the reality here and now. Each holds the answer to theirself and to the Creator, presented in all forms of life in universe.

Under this Postulate it is true that channelers, will free the space with further Information from Teachers from various levels in the near future for a more detailed explanation of Process of the Divine Precepts.

To those who does the structuring of consciousness, you can enter the Action of all the Postulates in segments - areas Tasks running from God and the Collective Consciousness, approving with a permanent structure of the action.

It is done!!! So be it and so it will be!

May all beings live happily in all worlds!

With Love and Gratitude to All in Creation of Eternity to Infinity.


Hello, Lyudmila Ivanovna!
Yeah, no wonder, I decided that today it was a very important event. Clear sky and bright huge sunshine - all is rejoicing! This is a very joyful event. Finally ... No one would dare to take people's potential, even through the operation of the system, concealed by others. "Address" will be displayed at once!
"This postulate will allow many to get out of a prolonged state of sleep ..." Really prolonged sleep on! It's time to wake up. This is good!
This postulate is still to be thought about, but its enormity is felt with all my heart.
A big thanks!


In fact, there will be insight and understanding of own actions and thoughts and it will allow you to say goodbye to old settings, both in mind and from the level of the soul.

As a creator, in present, after a Connection with Beloved One took place, my life and Co-creation became more complete. While posting another Postulate, I have to transform the rejection of the space filled with old installations. But feeling tired a lot, I am still in joy and Love. It's a pleasant fatigue. Beyond this I see tremendous changes in universe. I see happy faces of people.
For me, January has been and is creatively rich and even more joyful and happy. Every morning, waking up, I feel joy and happiness in Co-creation by observing changes in Minds and Hearts of people of the Planet and myself as well.
Once again: my reality for all - is inspiration, revelation, forgiveness, and separation from old settings, not punishment. AWARENESS - (it is the sincerity of own thoughts and actions to yourself) carries LIBERATION for Love in all Actions and forms!

Good luck, Embodiments of Love!


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