04/01/2012 The Divine Act of Creation

When I exposed the message Finishing the year 2011, I heard a lot of different ideas, including questions.

After I made a recognition, I saw an increasing of Love energy through the planet. And on New Year's Night it was acceleration of events for the earth Connection of Divine Unions.

From the report: But, nevertheless, that Divine Act of Creation has spread and consolidated own existence in Women. Again in December 2011 a second pulse was given for all Women through my Mind and Soul by Higher Teachers and the Lord. Later, some Women have written about that, about their feelings and vision.

This process carries a variety of forms and manifestations of Co-creation for everyone.

I bring to light general aspects of Creation.

- This divine impulse allows women to express and realize their divinity;

- Will assist in connecting of New Divine Unions in a more harmonious interaction;

- The birth of children - creators, children of Prema Sai

- The birth of children will proceed without fear of consequences in the Grace of Lord;

- Women will be able to conceive a child without the involvement of man regardless of age, except for artificial fertilization

- If a woman conceives of man, then This will allow happen at the most opportune moment without sin - in the purity of thoughts and intention;

- Children from birth will remember and be aware of its divine origin.

And many many more of positive aspects to continue construction of the Golden Age on Earth in all worlds. Of course, this will also affect positively relationships with men and their manifestation of divinity in action. So be it and so it will be!

Physical symptoms: the same as for pregnancy and for each one individually. Some women have experienced physical changes in the body. But this does not always mean pregnancy. All is individually.

Every woman gradually will take this Gift in such form as was chosen by Her soul, not consciousness, which is still subject to collective action.

Those who are opposed to all divine Action, will take responsibility before the Lord. Those who have fears from lack of knowledge and misunderstanding, it is better to give them to the Creator for His Will and step back without judgments.

This information is not so new, this was already written. But, as well as on manifestation of the Love Crystal, Rose of the World and the New Female energies, of course, I caused commotion in minds of some. And it's not the end of Co-creation, we will have to see! We are only beginning to understand ourselves Goddesses and Mothers of the World.

Good luck, Embodiments of Love!

Let all Beings live happily in all the worlds!

P.S. I sincerely Thank all participants of Co-creation for making wonderful pictures and music clips of the Golden Future. I Thank All the visitors who send that besides their messages.


After the divine Act of Creation the sky was awesome. It was the same in December 2011 during the re-pulse propagation for Everyone on Earth.





Divine creativity manifested itself in the rose of the World Love and Unity.
First, this work will appear in women who took Love Crystal, the Rose and New Women's Energies, and so on to infinity.
Some shots of Co-creation can be found under "Photogallery."
With Love.

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