Good day, Embodiments of Love! With all my soul and heart I sincerely CONGRATULATE those who have already passed the Sacred Gate of Rose. Time zones are different, and process is already underway. Where I am now - it's already happened and is performed, the time difference with Ukraine is 3.5 hours.

Preparation was almost a month and few Souls have already passed, others joined in today and join consciously and unconsciously, in the following years in readiness.

What can I say about the process? Everything happened and is happening in the deepest unconditional Tenderness, Grace and Peace of mind in a Golden Light of the Lord. As always, you can't describe what you feel. It is impossible to convey the divine lilas of the Lord, it can only be experienced. This process is not only about passing the Gates of the Sacred Rose, I saw and I know that many processes and aspects of Joyful Great Divine Plan were affected.

The first who passed were spiritual couples - the halves.

The information will come soon on other sites, where will be described in detail the experience of some participants of the Process. So, I just congratulate and wish all, who are consciously willing to join, good luck, Divine Grace, Joy on the wonderful Way to Yourself in general co-creative Act of God's Creation!

Let all the worlds be happy!

With the love of God to Everyone and Everything in Creation.

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