26/10/2011 Happy Times

In the past and present there are many interpretations about the Upcoming future changes in the consciousness of mankind, which has already affected all aspects of Life not only on Earth but throughout the universe. It's more pleasant and joyful to touch with the information carrying Life, not fear. Yet there are more information, which predicts a staggering events - disasters on the earth plane.

For myself I always thought and think differently. I always remember the phrase of Beloved Sathya Sai Baba that we are lucky because we live in this remarkable and exciting time of God's Grand Changes. He says that the Golden Age will come in 26 years, and I believe in it.

What makes these Times different? What is our happiness about? Why we were destined to be here and now?

Each person has their own role and challenges to one's power.

Earlier spiritual seekers had engaged in various practices for years to achieve enlightenment, and not for a single embodiment. Now all the Knowledge have manifested, New Energies have come on Earth, all crystals are activated - in short, it was a tremendous work of the Supreme Beings and Lightworkers. And not only them - all the various hierarchies, starting from the lowest, were attended to and prepared all the plans to be done in this Divine Project.

So now everyone can get rid of old illusions and attain enlightenment in a short time, only by expressing the intention and showing work. This is a happiness for us all, and the reward will be Life in the Golden Age. Although each soul performs one's tasks, and for more advanced souls who came here to meet Higher Goals - there are other possibilities that come from the Lord.

When a person becomes infected by the catastrophic prophecies, and the panic starts in the mind - so there is still something to reflect and think about.

Which reality we create in mind, so is the result. Some were told during the Transition to be closer to people of Light, and then the rest that are in need will catch up with Them. I want to clarify this situation. Everything happens due to the tasks, if a person does not want to help oneself, no one will be able to perform tasks for him/her and live their own life. Many people know their rights. What about responsibilities?

"... The right and duty - that are two wings of a bird, two wheel of a chariot. But today, people have cut off "wing of the debt" and completely ignore their responsibilities. The fight for rights - is unjust fight, because you have no right to fight before you have your debt performed. What is this debt? First of all it is a concern about how to raise society to a higher level, rather than selfish desire to enrich oneself and own family. By promoting to improving society, we benefit the whole nation ... " Sathya Sai Baba

Particularly these manipulations affected all in their personal relationships. It is not easy to refuse to relatives and friends to something when it's time to reflect on one actions for everyone. In fact, all is going due to relations and all of us - is One.

There is a divine script that is performed by virtually all individuals living here. Quality of performance depends on us all. If we succumb to various provocations by failing to preserve internal peace, such kind will be the reality. That's why we are given all sides of various situations and manipulations, so that everyone could see in time and then laugh at oneself: "How cleverly conceived, in order to shake us from all false, leaving the truth - love and purity in thought!" , then going to continue the Path, without lamentation. I confess, the further I go the more difficult I get and demand is more, and sometimes you have a game without rules. We are here the children of God, our name - is "human".

Any situation, that seems to be given for one or two at first look, spreads for awareness to a huge number of people on various links in the One.

"People whose lives are based on the principles of morality, had no difficulty in distinguishing between good and bad. Even sitting on a mountain of their own losses, they will act righteously. Thinking about what fools say, and worry about the opinions of others should not be a hindrance to achieving goals and making the right decision. Deeply realized the Dharma essence of nature of all things, always relying on the wisdom, you should surely go the way of righteousness. When choosing between truth and falsehood, you must rely on the fact that it is a result of deep reflection. You shouldn't be affected by thoughts, opinions and desires of others. But if you do fall into the tenacious paws of greedy mind, driven with feelings and biased beliefs, you must make every effort to reject all its pretensions. "

"There are two different things - the mind and the mind with the power of discernment. Mind sets off after the desires and emotions, while discriminating mind leads you to comprehend the truth. Usually you come to one or another of life conviction, while under the influence of education, the atmosphere created by others, and that what you were taught. Gradually, you take it for truth and stick to it in life. Glorious deeds of the wise are born in opposition to many obstacles, but they boldly looked them in face, firmly upholding their convictions. Distinction provides them with the correct answer to any question, and therefore crushing victory over evil is always on their side. You should not blindly assert that all acts committed by you are infallible. One must know unbiased with an open mind how to analyze own actions, big and small. If you have made significant advances on the basis of sophisticated turns of the wicked mind, it may please, but only on a superficial examination, because over time it will result in damage. Your life and strength are of short duration, and you can not cover everything. Try to get down to work which is available to you. Instead of growing a great strong body, much more important to cultivate a good heart. Having acquired it, keep doing your work. If you have knowledge of the wise and do not pass it to those who need it, you behave like demons. "(Krishna Kumar. Bala Sai Divine Lilas, in russian).

There will come a time when increasing number of people before they start working in offices or other institutions, will make a general meditation, which meaning is very simple: to give thanks and love throughout all His creation, concentrating in the center of the chest, Anahata. It's very simple and comprehensive meditation, I know this from personal experience and the experience of others. Then there will be other achievements, and positive thoughts, and improved health.

Gradually many heads of state enterprises, and various institutions will come to this.

Some write dates of changes in the subtle plane, this occurred only in the minds of individuals. Some of these same events have occurred earlier, in other ones they occur later. The dates are different, the meaning and actions are similar. The more people see the same process, the greater the change in the consciousness of mankind. Of course, when a person oneself comes to any change in consciousness and revelation, then it is the result of their own creativity.

There are many scenarios, but there is a wonderful Divine Design, and the part of the total population of Native Beautiful Planet already carries on His Plan, then the other part of people will join in, and so on.

Let be happy all the worlds!
With Love.

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