03/11/2011 Another phase of co-creation before 11/11/11

Last but one key date is approaching in the development of the whole universe and us. Many of the events alleged previously were done, as in the higher planes so in physical reality.
Here yesterday we passed another milestone in changing of human consciousness and awareness of the Oneness in the One.
Today I woke up as usual after a work of the soul at night, bit loaded. After a few cleansing action I felt the serene joy of what happened that was important to the Earth and for myself.
Last two weeks I had a lot of work on all own levels. Someone receded own position and retreated to his development a step, but it does not mean forever. You may need to pause to leap forward in the future. By changing the consciousness the structure of all bodies changes. This is not sweet process, it's often painful experience, and not everyone is willing to go through physical pain, suffer through personal relationship.
So all this time there was a powerful transformation of various structures, activities, reassessment of values. Although the date 11 has not come yet, but already three days ago even in the sky it could be seen the passage of some souls in the Sacred Gate. The stars lined up in pairs of four. To observe in physical reality, the accomplished fact of co-creation, was as always amazing! All days powerful energies went down, I had to work constantly, with some stopping to perform household needs.
I can not say that yesterday was a particularly bad day. Late September and all October were more than strained. During the day I somehow kept myself, and in the night power literally left me, I fell asleep deeply, only occasionally waking up from the bright light coming from the Creator. I understood that a very serious situation occurred. I am very grateful to Him, words can not express!
A week ago, I felt a more profound tenderness and Love in compassion for the people who relentlessly beat energetically for the past seven years, not knowing the reasons of the Divine Plan.
Now, individuals who carried out Service, came to realize that it is time to just be and emit Love. For some who give themselves without reserve, this is unusual, for others it has become the norm.
Following the publication of the last two posts I've received a letter: The feelings of the message - are new!!! As if we came from the edge of the road out to the middle - on the very path (we are all with you). As I feel this message completely changes the physical reality! (this realization really normalized important things in Your Path and in processes on Earth). THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR THIS AWARENESS - through You in me and around me, and around the world the Path found a landmark - clear, without distortion. Each one of course in due time will discover it.
However right NOW! SO REALLY I feel the changes in space - positive one!!! GREAT!!! THANK YOU AND SATHYA SAI BABA for this conscious co-creation!
Some of such letters supported and reinforced reality.

At Prashanti Nilayam - the Abode of the Lord from 18-00 per day, as always it will be chanting the Name of the Lord and thanksgiving of the Lord's Name. Only last year it fell on November 13, and now - is 11/12/11, join, as you can.

And now I want to share my Knowledge gained in the very past from the Creator, that helped and help me to pass own lessons in a Single Act of Creation.
This allows you consciously achieve in your mind the vision of your atma or come to the Higher Self in Your soul. Also - it helps to restore mental health problems, restore health, peace, and other individual characteristics of the healing of the soul, body, mind.
Everything has a memory cell, as in the soul, so in the information field of the Earth and human consciousness. These are pain, suffering, frustration, etc. - Please leadership of the Creator Sathya Sai Baba or other Divine Beings.
Mentally pronounce: I ​​enter into my soul and enter, concentrating on the center of the chest or near. Then we move forward, who has more fear, you can take Him by the arm. Come and fill all with the Light of Love of the Creator, and who we meet on the road. Also pronounce: Norm of the Creator on the situation, in past and present, I forgive myself and everyone. Mentally go forward without stopping, and not paying attention to surroundings. If you are given Gifts, first light them with Light, and if it is Yours it will be with You and come through realization and manifestation of events. Just go - with no surprise, calmly watching the process.
Who does not see anything, should do the same and go own way.
Immediately feel relief physically. Everyone has their own individual tried and tested qualities. Therefore, the result is different. Someone within two - three times, can come to your Higher Self and feel the immense Grace of God's Creation.
Thus it is possible to work every day for ten minutes. Good luck in Creativity.
Let be happy all the worlds! With Love and Infinite Gratitude to All and Everything in All His Creation in Action and the Creation.

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