27/10/2011 Clear vision and prophecy

Watching on the part personal and other people experience, as well as various well-known soothsayers I came to certain conclusions, and therefore I consider it necessary to extend the previous topic(message) and share with those who need it.

To repeat, each time climbing in the spiritual development, both for myself and for the Great Service, before this Divine Development Act was accomplished, and after, I held the same lessons. In one word: "I step on the same rake," only with in more depth knowledge and perception of situations and relationships in them. Those weaknesses, from very birth and dogmas imposed by a system, popped up and acted again, but thinner and more refined. And here again it was and is necessary to separate the wheat from the chaff in order to become and be here and now a true Creator, Assistant to Him in all His Projects.

There were some very difficult situations. Since very birth I had a narrow walking path of development, and the further the more it has narrowed. Since some situation overkill, and in some cases, it was played without rules, I had to seek help. Many thanks to these people, through their vision I got help in the awareness and understanding of clear vision and prophecies, as for myself, so to all past and present prophecies.
Great prophetess Vanga said that there will be events, but if people's minds will get change and people will be more kind, then the situation will change. Her vision in this case was not definitive.

Few people have seen a more favorable outcome of events, thus their vision has made a basement for now. The system uses every effort to ensure that this does not happen and the game often starts to go without rules. Nobody is to blame. So we are here to learn how to apply Knowledge of the Creator, not to mention the disclosure of the Heart. The mind and heart - is a necessary connection and harmonious action as well as the union of Male and Female in each of us. That is a manifestation of the Golden Section in the people who follow the Golden Age.

Every person truly sees according to their level of purity of consciousness and perception at the moment. Others see what we are building themselves under the influence of untrue values ​​of the system, manipulating the consciousness of mankind to some extent of permissible or impermissible. Thus, in the past prophets saw what was going to happen, based on the value and level of consciousness in which mankind was. But can always be another way. How many have not come to pass that was thought. This also applies to personal life.

All of us are constantly given clues through dreams, situations, provided with an opportunity to understand and hear, see that is suggested, what to look, to change in yourself, how to revise own attitude toward the world.

Here again I would like to quote the words of Sathya Sai Baba: "When choosing between truth and falsehood, you must rely on what has come as a result of deep reflection. You must not to be affected by thoughts, opinions and desires of others. But if you do fall into the tenacious paws of greedy mind, driven with feelings and biased beliefs, you must make every effort to reject all his pretensions. "
"There are two different things - the mind and the mind with the power of discernment. Mind sets off after the desires and emotions, while discriminating mind leads you to comprehend the truth. Usually you come to one or another of life convictions, while under the influence of education, the atmosphere created by others, and that what you were taught. Gradually, you take it for truth and stick to it in life. Glorious deeds of the wise are born in opposition to many obstacles, but they boldly looked him in the face, firmly upholding their convictions. "

From the beginning of spiritual development I did so, read a little, more thinking and came to revelations - discriminations, which were manifested. Sometimes I reproached myself why do I read so few of esoteric literature, but later came to realize that in this was a personal development path.

It is believed that if one or two great souls in the universe attain full enlightenment, then as well the situation changes for a more favorable outcome.
Now is the time to become wise man not one, but more people.

There are also our weaknesses, which will have to gradually give up with all going forward and to become true. A major role in this is laid on New Age Women as female energy has a significant impact on the male. If you think you are alone, then it is not. Every person is in a spiritual couple in the higher plane. And all have made a connection, I was involved personally, the blessing of pairs occurred more than one hour and day, all are connected, including various levels. Only all in good time, everything will happen the most harmonious way, which we are building ourselves. It depends only on us, how quickly we are willing to part with existing dogmas and weaknesses. We allow laziness to control our reality and at the same time complaining about fate.

For many years, watching other people's relationships and oneself, I realized that Sathya Sai Baba for all is different, there are different answers to the same situation. Now we need real clean relationships with God, to this we must come, on this are based relationships of man of the Coming Future.

Therefore, when recourse to the soothsayers, be prepared to face the vicissitudes of life with no regrets. I'm very grateful to everyone who had to meet all those who assisted in the vision. This allowed to establish within oneself understanding, "to be even closer to Him, greater clarity of thought, even more courage and wisdom in action."

"Do you comply with that is not a true? Do you know what is the secret of life? Nobody knows that Brahma conceived! But there are people who claim to possess complete knowledge. Whoever heard of, says nothing, but the one who said he saw nothing. If listener is deaf and blind speaking, how can they claim to know the secret of life? "
These words of Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba illustrate the vision and hearing most of us.

Only we are able to influence events, predicted prophecies, each of us can ask ourselves the question: "Who am I? Where am I - True? What can I do for the best move of the entire universe in Service to Him in oneself and all of Creation?" Having revealed the truth to ourselves, we make our lives more joyful and happier.

That what I write, first of all, my daily revelations on the path of spiritual development. Sometimes a simple phrase lets you see the situation from the other side and move on.

Let all the worlds be happy!

With Love in Deeds and Creation.

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