03/09/2011 New postulates to enter the Golden Age

At present on Earth began Divine Transformations in all spheres of human life for further transition to the Golden Age. On subtle plane New Divine Postulates were formed and merge seamlessly into the Earth plane. They will have been sounded by certain people at certain time, thereby claiming a new reality on Earth.

The first postulate. The Divine Justice

Not so long ago was established the divine justice on Earth. The decision was finally taken on the Galactic Council. We all now are happy participants of connecting Heaven and Earth. Certain number of people have already expressed within their Heavenly Qualities, and also here and now happened the disclosure of versatility of Soul Goddess Themis, so automatically Divine Laws of Justice went on the Earth plane in this reality. This has become manifested on the Planet in some countries.
When there are high-profile trials held, in atmosphere there is a lot of aggression. Some lightworkers are entirely busy trying to transform this negative in space. It happens that they sit at home for several days. Aggression of opposing systems also affects the welfare of the Planet: accidents occurs, plane crashes and other disasters. In these high-profile trials are involved almost all people of each country individually, and even more. You don't have to go far, let's look at what is happening in Ukraine. Especially in those days, when there is a court, the weather is changing, there are dark clouds, and there is aggression in space. This internal discomfort and aggression is felt by a lot of people who may adversely affect the health and mental state of a person.
How would the human mind and wandering restless intellect know,whether the defendant is right or not. They accustomed to the fact that they are governed, and many do not even know this. At the time of such aggression the system takes the human potential for their own purposes and not for the benefit of earthlings, as to satisfy their own selfish purposes.
Why to shout, swear, fight!? You can quietly say: "Let be done the Divine Court!" If there are any evidences, you can show them without further debates.
From now on a New phase in the litigation. All secret becomes clear. Those who were for or against, will see the true face of accused.
There are legal laws created by man that are not always correct. Many people know that where you place a comma, in such a way one man is judged. People often wonder why one person was convicted, and the other was released. With a help of the same law you can punish and pardon. Where is the facet of justice? Some of judges, prosecutors, defenders act by a "law", that is whispered by a system staff.
From now on, to a greater extent the justice in the world will take place due to the Divine Laws. Many will not even realize that Divine Justice is take place. Souls of people who perform the role of judges, prosecutors took part in this divine project. Fearlessly performing their role, being in the Divine Flow of the Creator with the participation of True manifested Goddess of Justice, they now heard the Divine Court.
Those who can not cope with their obligations will voluntarily leave an office.
Gradually, the state laws themselves will be reviewed and amended not in course of the system that for a long time controlled consciousness of humanity, but to a benefit of people united in One Heart for Creation in Love and construction of the Golden Future on Beloved Mother Planet. So be it, and so it will be!

The second postulate. The Divine Changes in education

Many scholars took the learning process with a reluctance. Their souls and minds feel the disharmony in education. This year they began their studies in the purple Stream of Creator, and through them transformation will run in the learning process.

A gradual revision of the learning process has already began in the matrix of academic education in the whole world. The old matrix is being deactivated. Students and teachers step by step will communicate from the level of soul. The basis of relationship between them will be a co-creation in Love and Joy. Imposed by a system false beliefs and distortions of history will be gradually transformed. System imposed learning program is being reviewed for opening divine truth. At all Times on al planes of Being so be it and so it will be!

The basis of the learning process becomes one to keep Heart open, increasing of Love in soul of every child in harmonious connection with the mind. Developing of intellect means - knowledge of adhering spiritual from nonspiritual. Mind is needed to control senses (So speaks Lord Sathya Sai Baba).

Teachers and educators must have open Heart for Lord - this becomes the basis for all teachers in present and future times.

Teachers will practise Knowledge, that keeps and reveals spiritual and creative powers of children, that are inherited from birth. Vedas and other concealed by system Knowledge of God will be included in school program, also program "Bal Vikas" will be practiced by many (Creator - Sathya Sai Baba). As a result connection with Holy Spirit of every little man will not break, but also restored, if lost by some cases in family.

So be it and so it will be!

The third postulate. The Divine Changes in Health Care

People's consciousness is being reconstructed on a healthy life, to rejuvenate the body.

Many doctors will reconsider their attitude to the incurable diseases. A man who came to the optometrist at age 44 complaining of long-sightedness, in the future will not hear that this disease is incurable and that it is a disease of old age. Medicine will combine the knowledge of physiology with spiritual knowledge, assisting body as a whole at all levels of subtle plan. Cure of patients will occur in the joint work, and Love in the Divine Flow.

In medicine, has already begun the process of awareness, training and converting for a long, joyful and happy life of every person on Earth.

Duty of specialist in medicine is giving help - curing and serving God in man, not business and making money. "Unfortunately, hospitals in which patients are treated with love, become rare .... doctors are engaged in business, and not serving the people" (Sathya Sai Speaks, Volume 13 p.128)

System imposed vaccinations from birth will be aborted. Vaccinations have destructive effect for a child, affecting all body, breaking the link with divine.

At all Times on all planes of Being so be it and so it will be!

Addition to reporting on 03/09/11

Further are identified the following spheres of human activity, in which take place and will be the Divine changes, to ensure a smooth transition into the Golden Future:

- Science

- Arts and Culture

- Politics

- Religion

- Social sphere

- Economics

Each of the following areas of human activity is transformed in a course of Creation, not commerce in a varying degree. Any violations will be visible and manifested in the Light and Love of the Creator, who is now more than ever manifested in the people of Earth, and then - be changed for the good of all mankind.

Now any type of activity and business will be transparent to the perception of many people. Whether you like it or not - it's a Single Solution of all our souls, that come here. Many will think, frankly recognizing that the purpose of life is not greed at others' expense, and the accumulation of wealth. At the moment, which is ready now, more people take the path of creation, sharing Joy and Love in co-creation with God that is within each of us.

Lot of work awaits for Lightworkers, which are open hearted. They are pioneers. And they are already working with full dedication. Professional knowledge in various fields of human activity, even in the seemingly small, at first look, seemingly insignificant will also benefit the development of society.

In nature there are no significant and insignificant, so also any kind of human activity is significant. If a person carries out work at the level of the Heart, both for oneself and for God, then the world will be better. Even with the last money, it is still the first idea - to give Joy and Labor, full of Love, and only then - a payment. Such People exist, and they had hard financially and mentally to survive in these years. But it was worth it!

Some, after reading the message, felt the Joy of the Inevitable of what is happening. Others were angry today, but tomorrow they would fed up with manipulations, which they drawn into for many years. The kind of manipulations by itself will prompt and guide to a New Joyful Divine Transformations. True goals of the soul will show up of every person who came into this world and in this hour.

All the above changes are only the beginning of actions, and in the Golden Age it will be much Blessed and Interesting. These New Laws will also change, they simply would no longer be needed. In their place others will follow, and so - to infinity in Eternity with Joy and with Love. There, in Future, everything is built, and we can only expand our mind and with Love in our Heart to accept and continue to build. There's so COOL!

Now I'm deeper aware of the Baba phrase: "We are so lucky, born into this time!" And we are those who will make this Happiness closer here and now, every minute. Sathya Sai and Prema Sai Baba already are displaying Their Grand Divine Actions through us. Let us Love and Work in Joy!

Let it be So, So there and So will be in Action so to infinity in Eternity of Love.

With Joy and Love in Creation.

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