10/09/2011 The Next Action

Welcome Embodiments of Love!

As in past times, after New creative actions, all days I spread the Golden Energies to Earth in the center of the nucleus, the DNA, in all activities, religions, incarnations, and so on. The Golden Threads, along with Emerald and Violet ones in abundance poured and entered in all Being at all planes of Existence and realities.

But in late August, I felt the pressure and sadness. If, for astrological forecasts they wrote that it is time to calm and understand, then in my life it was not felt. Last known incarnations surfaced again, which seemed to be fully normalized. And then, I once again realized that it still exists in memory cells, and not only, also in the information field of Earth, in the collective consciousness about information of pain, suffering and sacrifice. Therefore, I always asked one shouldn't bathe in the importance of past incarnation, but take necessary Knowledge, qualities to open Heart and go out of these incarnations into the New Coming in a One Heart.

In August 30 were made the following actions under the supervision and guidance of Sri Sathya Sai Baba. I expressed Gratitude to all Women who incarnations I had to live through and made normalized. They were awaiting for it and lined up, then Each one in turn entered my new spiritual status of the Mother of World and dissolved in the Golden Energies. And the last was alone myself, terrestrial, as I'm now. As with any Creativity I felt the Omnipresent Grace and Tenderness. Then all the same Actions took place in a Partner. All the pain and distortion of centuries until now has been transformed so far.

When all was finished, Sathya Sai Baba poured the Earth from above with two new energies, which haven't been before. The Streams were taken by myself and another Incarnation of Love. The Huge Flow entered into all the subtle bodies and immediately began to spread in all the worlds, DNA, as well as in the all past times: animal, vegetable, water worlds. To watch everything that has to happen after was interesting and surprising. And then new portals opened in various parts of planet. Once again was destroyed the old form of matrix for approval of a new matrix in the Coming Golden Age. I think that now appears more information. As always, I give a brief description of what was happened. Maybe anyone - would want to complete this finished process, please send your messages. Generally speaking - it happened earlier than planned, although what could be a plan if Maturity of souls came on Planet. Let us Accept, congratulate, love and create!!!

I also want to add about some chennelers. People receive information through own mind and I likely to read when taking people have Knowledge, and not just another fears for others.

Indeed, as we think, so things happen. Not all are aware, taking Messages that behind this are the New Energies, which manifest everything instantly. In a Light of the New Energies the potential of each person has increased many times, and our thoughts, not to mention the spoken words reflect and shape reality. Sometimes it is very sad to read some of the "messages", even though you realize that all go through their experience. When we all will have positive thinking in relation to imposed on eventfulness - disasters during the Transition, then disasters would stop. God never intended suffering for a human.

With Love.

P.S. I decided to expand a bit about energies.
Two energy received on Earth, have silvery - white and silver - blue color. They bear within a cleaning aspect of everyone. And indeed in these days I felt pain from very deep for past actions committed towards me. Well, I had to return again and transform the old energies. Suddenly I saw hidden in deep past actions - a help to people. I realized that I shouldn't get involved in those processes, no matter how they begged or cried. The assistanse caused increasing of ego, rather than awareness of causes that occurred "problems." While helping I explained many times a cause, but wasn't heard. For myself, I realized that any action must be learned to see deeper, further, wider. In other words, I got echoes appeared again to look through one more time, but now from other side. The New energies carry the action of order and consistency of Divine justice in first place in a human oneself. We work to love and accept love from New! Let's work in Love and accept with Love the New!

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