05/07/2011 About Love Crystal from the book Prem Shakti


In January 2005 at night I woke up feeling the Love of Creator, I saw the live lighting matrix - Crystal with tender orange-peach color in front of me. There were small particles moving inside the Crystal. It consisted of two parts - a circle in form of doughnut (torus), into which long rectangular crystal was inserted, in other words lingam or Male into Female. All this structure rotated - unusually beautiful and surprising at first sight. I looked with wide open eyes, not supposing and realizing what the wonder it was and what would be the next. Then I heard: Take it into soul.

Well I took it, but what was to happen next! In shortest term I went through so many trials, thank to Him that gifted me with stable psychic. And also Faith and Love to Him helped me stand up to everything. Something was moving inside, sometimes floundered, felt myself more than discomfort and no one to ask about on terrestrial plan. But then everything fell into place, understanding came and demonstration 10.10.08 on photo. It also was unexpectedly, like those photos about Arkaim, when I saw two Suns in the sky.

Crystal of Love has been fully activated in me, in soul after lost fragments, or in other words, parts of soul were opened. Also, I can say this: in every soul, as well as in the mind, all elements are present - the fragments of all people. In my case, activation of all fragments was going through Unconditional Love and acceptance of different situations, obstacles, relationships. In addition, working out of all incarnations occurred which Creator's showed me. As reincarnations were known by many and recorded in the information field, though I didn't know about these reincarnations, even didn't guess about it, except for some, I had been awoken and shown it. Sometimes I was confounded, not understanding, then again I got showed signs: if I got some doubts, I was showed again signs through other people or once again pictures from the past. What for all this was, certainly not to increase the ego, but for working it out, bring to norm all situations and relationships, thus relieve Beloved planet from load of heritage of the past, from negative to a more safe Ascension of Gaia, to rescue as many people as possible and more.

In principle that is the matter of Unity - to display in the Family of Light everyone - to themselves, that is, to open within oneself all fragments of immense soul in all dimensions or realities, here and now through Unconditional Love, acceptance and forgiving of all. Thus increases the potential of Love and Light individually and collectively, Unity take place - this is the meaning and mystery of creativity. Can you imagine this Divine Power for co-creation!

The centers are opening, physical feelings are - current or shivering, going from feet up to tips of fingers on hands and such all over the body. At the beginning it was very strange, but then you get used to. It's a way out to other Higher level. You almost don't feel your body, everything is moving, but return to lower energies isn't comfort by now. In such condition you live, work and it is become norm. It is out of norm when in some accidents you had to go down to this reality. It's very important to learn to live on Earth and act in different realities at the same time, and then you get invulnerability of earth body. More in other words - as on Heaven, such on Earth. Describe it in simple language for understanding. Esoteric terminology vary, some describe the same meaning by different terminology.

Then with a help of that Crystal the Crystal of Love was activated on a bank of Dniester, and then shared multiply with all people and places, to which Creator led me. Starting from 2007, several times gradually Its activation took place in Egypt.

Love Crystal - is harmoniously with Love combined Male and Female divine energies, that is Unconditional Love. More of that, there are your spiritual Partner and the Creator nearby. Even if you do not happen to know a spiritual Partner, He is still near there. Crystal allows you to transform the negative, which still exists on the planet. It is the conductor of the Divine energy of Love, that helps opening of the Heart and Truth of new reality; transforms the negative information of nuclear waste and carries a lot of positive for the harmonization and saving oneself and everyone on the planet. Certainly, It's alive, as planet and whole universe, It can communicate. You can express an intention to activate It within oneself during the meditation on the Love to God. It is given to every person. Those which Love Crystal has already been activated, suddenly feeling unwell, you can express your intention - the request for Its actions at the moment. Still there is some feature that I leave between the lines. The main thing is to accept everything without fear, we are all very different, and each has their own individual characteristics. You need not go to a doctor, try to learn to listen and hear yourself in a whole.

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