07/01/2011 Wonders are continuing

Good Celebration, Embodiments of Love!

For many years, I celebrate the holidays not as it is appropriate. At these days creativity always comes that lasts for about two hours. During the creativity the broadening of consciousness, of the body and presence of All-embracing Love take place. And yesterday as well, as soon as Holy Night came, impulses from the Creator and the Spiritual Partner started coming. An again, surprising process of co-creativity started, only yesterday it happened in more Grace and Tenderness; such feeling of Love was at first time, it seemed that the breath became Love by itself.

The feeling of the Divine Grace becomes more wide and deep with every new Creative work.

And this is not a surprise; Energies of Mother of World were spreading out. At the beginning of December, being at Puttaparthi village I touched with the soul to the planet of Mother of World, knowing that Soul of Mother Mary, the earth embodiment of goddess Isida was concealed there. It was such hard, I realized that I'm awaited to a next deeds. My Soul reached to talk with Her. And suddenly joining of Hearts happened that I wrote about this in the message in 12/12/2010.

In a day I heard that I must bring to norm relationships and situations from the far past. As on earth plane various situations began to appear. I wanted to skip it and not to describe, but I'm doing it once more for those who passed this way today, having taken this Role. It is very important to bring to norm the past, in a memory of the soul cells and in collective consciousness pain and sufferings presented, to transform this in Joy. So that on Earth would be less suffering. Every soul makes their Role and tasks, intended to it before coming here.

It's difficult, being in Grace, to live here without desires and, and at the same time, to execute own soul objectives. I often didnt want to describe the processes that happened on subtle Higher plane, listened to people's thoughts and supposed that others will describe this further and would tell that all about. However, true messengers are few. As most of processes go not only through the soul, but also personally, so it's more difficult to describe, knowing and hearing peoples response. Only those people, which spiritual Hearts are opened and feel no revival, quietly accept the information described on site. In private letters, Im asking to all - Give up your mind, read from the soul and Heart.

When you are approaching the Highest last period of spiritual development, remember about Great Saints, who, having done their mission, left with a cancer disease of an organ. They lead path for us, by suffering and undertaking pain and Ignorance of humanity. LOWEST BOW, LOVE, DEEPEST GRATITUDE TO ALL GREAT SOULS for THEIR PAST AND PRESENT CREATION AND COURAGE!!! I can't explain in words that understanding, gratitude that I feel. I often remembered the words of Swami, give away your desires and you will get everything. Being with no desires I thought why I'm under the such pressure. It's clear that is because of the role; I understand what Nostradamus wrote:

Death will come closer of the anger from tongue,
Maiden will lower slightly that reap,
Obstinate people wish the Maiden a death,
Thus letting destiny ruining them.

When I read these words in October, I got easier to perceive next aggressions. Therefore, in response I wrote the message So it is and so it will be. However, that was followed by events and words of the Creator: - Time has come, wait tirelessly, in Joy create. -

I deeply realized that there is a slight borderline on spiritual path going and executing of one mission in everybody. I realized that with the coming of New energies, I have to change more own mind, to become Greater Love. I've got an example - Beloved Swami, His Life, His Actions, His Love. His words "Become Love" - always sound in mind. Feeling the deepest state of Grace, I didn't understand what He suggested to me. Then, understanding and acting came. With every our action exclude words "want", "become" etc. and you already have this. For Higher Spiritual Maturity to come thus become a guide of the planet of Mother of World, I had to review all own thoughts and deeds, again passing through the tests and pain. He said: take away the words I want to be and there will be only one word - Love. This is Word's play, but thinking in this or that situation, by removing unnecessary words within oneself as well - will remain only the action here and now. Easiness comes and more of Grace. Over again the course of acceptance and forgiving happened, thus saving Love - having accepted everything that was around with a full humiliation and gratitude. Then, great Joy and Love appeared in soul and mind. Very often, I felt not only Love, but also pain in Heart of Spiritual Partner. I listened to His pain, a reason that caused it, and made actions. The pain was dissolved in Love. And such was every day - being a creative work. At those days some Light workers told to my fellows that they shouldn't empathize with and get away of me, as all forces that were opposite to the Great process, were going from earth plane and as well from different levels of Galaxy. But this is united creative work and everyone gets from the Lord to their abilities. In India, at ashram Baba sent the message to a woman: - She has got difficult path, she is all alone, she is having very hard time, be more affectionate with her. - And for sure, there were close people in society, but true creation was absent. In this situation that was normal, I accepted this in the recent past.

And now I shortly describe a creative process, which happened on Holly Night. After the grounding on the planet of Energies of the Mother of Earth in December, reviewing of all following deeds and prophesies within Her energies, full dissolving and penetration of these Energies happened, as on Earth, so in Worlds. I was offered an activation of advent on earth and seeing of Mother of World at different countries of Planet.

Also, the Energy of Mother of World was activated in the DNA of a human, harmonization and penetration of E.M.W. and merging with the Male divine energy. Then, She smoothly entered the Union of spiritual and earth partnership; all the times, embodiments - animal, plant world, water spaces, prophecies, predictions, all the religions, spiritual schools and teachings, at all spheres of man's business in world and society; the center of the Planet.

Then I was showed a people with lower level of consciousness, how gradually passes their speed-up evolution of soul and mind, passing through Jesus consciousness path.

And with it, moment setting of all energies took place, so that all processes on Earth and in the Worlds would go as much harmoniously as possible.

The Energies of the Planet of Mother of World by itself are given to all of us as Great Wonder, Grace. It's unpredictable in own Holy Actions, by size - this is Almost Galaxy. I feel THEIR coming as the very BIG Gift, as in own progress, so in a progress of all our Solar system and all the worlds.
With Love

P.S. Energies of planet of Mother of World has a light violet color: from warm light violet-pink to cold with blue. As lilac blossom of various kind. Due to directing of co-creation, during spreading of these energies, different hues are applied.

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