12/12/2010 The extract from the second book ...About Love

Part 3: The revelation

... Today it says about the role of Female Source, about that this is the age of bloom of Female Source. It is implied here not only the role of a woman, by her own, but rebirth of Female Source in every human on Earth. Thus, approving equality and harmony in every human and straight in relationships of people of different sex, afterwards transforming distortions at all spheres, as in spiritual improving of human, so in material world of social life of everyone and in whole country and in world.
Some people think that today leadership is given to a woman. Yes, certainly it is so, BUT in this lies another High spiritual meaning. Transforming within the priorities and inner spiritual qualities into another - creating ones, which let men be Men, who has left their fears; let transpire within spiritual and soul qualities in unite Creativity for joy and Love on Earth and Universe.
There is a proverb Beware of woman and many other ones, which disgrace the role of a woman. And I admit this proverb, but only in a case when female energy-shakti forwarded to fulfill its own egoistic satisfactions-desires. As a rule - it begins with small things, and then grows into more large deeds, till the state level. As a result all are suffered: both, those that were kind of satisfied at a beginning, and those who left alone with nothing. Every time, with fulfilling another desire, someone wants to perform it more complicated and take more. No limits of human ego, of its satisfaction.
Seeing many couples, over time I saw how external and inner view of married man changed. I realized that whether man swallowed a gudgeon of manipulations of female energy being a honest family man, though being ill and unhappy; or he looks for an adulterous deal, feeling disharmony in relationships inside himself. Certainly there were and are singular harmonic relationships, but that is too small to maintain balance on Earth.
Not so far, I was visited by some couples for blessing that were bonded both on heaven and in society. Men seem changed, rather their views to reality and God changed. This was supported by purity and high level of spirituality of wife's female energy. And they did admitted, how step-by-step their view to world changed after he met his wife. Female energy creates, displays, leads man. The more high and pure female energy of woman is transpired the more potential of man and his abilities is shown. There are a lot of points in explanation of the essence of female role, which I wouldn't explain in case of that is a creative private going and no paradigm should be here; the main principle is Pure Unconditional goals for creating and joyful making for good of all.

Some women suppose that you must survive and for that you need to manipulate, as in relationship with man, hiding by physical love, so in other life happenings. I think many already understand that this led to what we are faced today in relationships with people in society and in families. There are women who forced their partners with their female energy, choosing a leader's role, not allowing their partner to pass his own way. Others consider that they moved on management mostly of male energies. This is mistaken; there is exactly going a forcing of female energy by male within a woman.
There are distortions everywhere and in everything. But thank God today the situation cardinally creatively changed when new energies came.
Deep in thought I realized about what an immense work has to be done for harmonizing of all, though all work is already complete on subtle plane. And what a Faith, Devotion and Love should be in people, to perform the Father's Will in action here on Earth. How much all we should work on, and how great it would be if more people would manifest the intentions for opening of their Hearts and inner Light of the soul.
The made up opinion about that man power is in sexual energy and in quantity of the affairs - is mistaken and one of the main distortions of the past and present. The Creator's Plan concludes of other relationships. And today it will more and more displayed here. The power and potential of both partners is in true unity with God, manifested today temple inside a soul is in every one of partners. Then, potential of both will increase and not ten times, but multiply. Of which the essence and mystery is Unconditional Love, that is the main directing power at all times. Thus, certain powers are not satisfied with existence of these couples, because it is indeed a true freedom of everyone and together. I believe in execution of the Father's Will. The Creator showed me many times with visions the increasing of that potential multiply through the true Unconditional Love of both partners. The new Bond of two inseparable Hearts - is He, She and the Creator between. Yes, there are distorting information, and how we know - the world and human consists of information. Our general task is to listen within and the New energies, accept thankfully, and change our mind so that less sufferings and catastrophes would be...

With Love to the Planet of Mother of the World

Having touched slightly with the Soul's vision,
I saw Supernatural Light
And Wisdom of Unbounded Love.
Having Joined with Hearts,
I opened a curtain of Fragment of Immense Soul;
Bliss of Love more intensely spread my mind.
Bliss and Might that is undepictable for human today
Now spreading the space and cells of all souls in the creation.
Inside You, Beloved Goddess,
Great Souls of Earth Women were concealed.
You - are long waiting Wonder of Creation
Who brings to us New for manifesting a Gifts of All Heavens.
Fear goes away,
Leaning own head in front of Your Love.
Barely You trail has touched the Sun
And All already stand still in delight of joy and worship.
You are so beautiful and pure in unpredictable deeds of Being!
Thus this means - New will happen
With Gratitude with no opposition in all worlds.
You are Woman and Mother!

23/11/2010 - 85 Birthday of Sathya Sai Baba
The second photo contains many Angels, which met to celebrate birthday of beloved Creator. On the third photo, on the left by the Moon (Moon and Sun - are manifestations of Swami Soul) the Rose is slightly seen. On the right - manifested Atma of the Soul of spiritual partner.

Let all beings live happily in all the worlds!

With Love

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