01/01/2011 Happy New Year 2011 the Beloved planet and Embodiments of Love!

Let sorrows dissolve in Love without conditions
For Joy of Life and Co-creation.
Let there be Bliss in the Heart,
And if you happen to suffer, let it be with Love,
With accepting and forgetting all sufferings and pain.
Let be fulfilled the Will of the Father of All Heavens!
I want it so and it will!


Our Beloved Planet is going to Ascension, by raising and accepting new vibrations and energies. This year everyone thus will get these energies raised. Everything is by one image and likeness. We are all going through Jesus Consciousness path - the path, which was directed by the Great Son of God, who brought Knowledge for more soft and natural passing. For all that He was crucified. That happened anyway. That's why our path is the same, only everyone has their own - individual one. Yes, this is the path of sufferings, abasement and pain. We can make it easier by applying the Knowledge of the Creator and the most essential is - to concentrate on Love, whatever is happen. One gets what one deserves - I often kept this Russian proverb in mind, when passing again own tests of Faith, Love and Forgiveness. Every Embodiment of Love has own lessons and tests. Nothing new, everything is just the same. The only new is that now we all, which live on Earth, are passing these tests. Such time has come and some new about it, and many other still remain ignorance, with listening to scientists' prognoses and reading a prophesies, awaiting a catastrophe and end of the World, lamenting and complaining of destiny. While coming here for embodiment at this time, we all knew about this and our souls rejoiced, who were allowed to embody for the rescue of the planet and developing of own soul; to display here and now Love and Knowledge of the Great Creator within. We all, every of us, who Knows, can help others, by giving this simple information in different situations without discussing, expecting and resentment. For the cause to save as many people's lives as possible. If earlier for our resentments and wrong deeds the return happened in several years, from this year, and especially from the next - in a few hours. It's a time of All Forgiveness, Grace and Love. What a Big Joy - live in Love and create together with immense quantity of Embodiments of Love! I believe that we all together can accept and forgive oneself and Everyone, accept all difficult situations with no lamenting, without pain - in joy.

In last days of December 2010 in High Galactic council such agreement was taken and showed on a vision, so that it will be so. All trials we will pass in Joy and Love, and the first ones will help next ones. Many positive decisions were taken and transferred into our reality. At finishing this long process the Creator by Oneself blessed Gaya and all of us to a more favourable and joyful result of an events. Let it be so! And so it will be! Joy and Love, Accepting and Forgiveness with no return!

All days the weather is wonderfully beautiful: little frost, clear pink-blue sky, light-orange Sun, twigs of trees in plentiful snow, windless and feeling of Grace and Joy within.

I Love You All, Embodiments of Love and infinitely, every second I'm grateful to the Creator, Higher Teachers, the Planet, All Galaxies and everyone for support and co-creativity in our United Creativity in all Worlds of the Great One.

I believe and Know - at present times all pain and sorrow will dissolve in our United Love to the One and His Love to us. We are with Love and Support of all Galaxies, of all Worlds and Planet of Mother of the World. I see it and feel every moment. So it is and so it will be in Eternity till Infinity!

May all the Worlds be happy!

And so it will be!

Great infinite Glory to You, the Lord, in all Your Creations!

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